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Rainflow counting module

As we know that SACS already use rainflow counting method in the fatigue calculation of Time History Analysis "I request SACS to separate the rainflow counting out as a separate module which user can call to use with other module rather than only ...
22 days ago in  0 Needs review

Post View Database

Add the ability to tab through load case results one at a time. This was in the old postvue and was removed. Please put it back in the new view results.
about 1 month ago in  0 Needs review

Create options in Precede to display SPAN IDs and highlight SPAN lines that are connected in different colours

When ordering SACS to do the unity checks according to the Eurocode 3, the SACS manual states in section 3.6.4: “1. It is extremely important to define physical members as a span using SPAN lines.“ However, the current version of Precede has very ...
about 1 year ago in  1 Planned

Add a more accurate (F.E.M. based) methodology to determine the elastic critical moment for lateral torsional buckling in the Eurocode calculations

Under the current SACS versions, SACS uses annex F table F.1.1. of the Eurocode ENV 1993:1-1:1992 to determine the C1 factor in the elastic critical moment equation. Setting the C1 factor accurately is of paramount importance to determining the el...
9 months ago in  0 Needs review

Create two fields to set Lb in the MEMBER card (one for bottom flange and one for top flange)

In the current input file structure in SACS there is an option to set the buckling length of the bottom flange of wide flange beams separately in the GRUP card. This means that for every physical member separate GRUP cards need to be created to se...
about 1 year ago in  1 Needs review

To implement the code check of 2022 edition Euro code 1993 and the code check of 2020 edition ISO 19902 in SACS next version

I request the implementation of code checks for the 2022 Eurocode 1993 and 2020 ISO 19902 in the next SACS version. This update will enhance structural analyses, optimize designs, and ensure compliance. Please prioritize this enhancement.
3 months ago in  0 Planned

Multiple precede graphical color settings configurations

I would like to have the possibility to save and easily switch between 2 display color settings configurations (not model dependent), for example one with dark background for modelling and one with white background for taking screengrabs.
8 months ago in  3 Needs review

SACS 2023 skipped members colors in pstvdb

When plotting UCs in psvdb, SACS 2023 renders skipped members with their original color (unlike prvious versions where they where rendered in grey). This generates quite a confusion because it is not easy to determine if a member is green because ...
8 months ago in  1 Needs review

Consideration of buckling criteria for member UR calculation

Point 4 of section, EN 1993-1-1:2005 states that lateral buckling checks can be omitted if either of the given conditions are satisfied. This is not considered, and results in a slightly higher member UR.
3 months ago in  0 Needs review

Combine damage results from 2 fatigue extraction files

This feature will be usefull if for one set of joints you need to use two (or more) distinct SN curves along the jacket life time (typically a S-N curve with paint in the first 15 years and free corrosion at the end of the jacket life) This way we...
11 months ago in  1 Already exists